Westchester County

Reporting Fraud

Reporting Fraud

Welfare fraud hurts everyone. It takes services away from those who are truly in need. It places an extra burden on taxpayers who support the system through their tax dollars. To help catch those who cheat the system, Westchester County has created a special hotline number (888) 377-0009. If you have any information concerning welfare fraud, please call. Your call will be referred to someone who will investigate the claim. You can also report fraud online using this new webpage. Simply answer the online questionnaire.

Bureau of Case Review 
The Bureau of Case Review consists of several programs which function to ensure the eligibility of Social Service customers, the integrity of social service programs and the prevention of welfare fraud. It is important to report suspected fraud to ensure that county tax dollars are being used for the intended reason -- to help those in need.

Allegations of fraud may be reported in a variety of ways:

 E-mail bcr1@westchestergov.com
 Phone (888) DSS-0009 (888-377-0009)
(914) 995-5643
 Online Fraud form
 U.S. Mail BCR
112 East Post Road, 6th Floor
White Plains, NY  10601
 Fax (914) 995-5658

Audit and Review
Audit and Review conducts internal audits of the department's various programs and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance, program eligibility and to deter fraudulent activity. The results of these audits are used to promote continuous quality improvements within our programs.

What is the Front End Detection (FEDS) program
FEDS conducts investigations, home visits and office interviews on applications for cash assistance, including those from families, single adults or married couples.

What is a Fraud Allegation Investigation?
Fraud referrals are made by agency staff and members of the community. State and federal computer databases provide information which must be investigated. Evidence of criminal conduct is referred for prosecution by the District Attorney. Improper actions that do not meet the criminal standard may result in recoupments against grants or eligibility disqualifications.

What are Intentional Program Violations?
An administrative law process exists which seeks repayment and disqualification if Temporary Assistance or Food Stamp benefits are obtained improperly, but the situation does not meet the criminal prosecution standards. Westchester has a model program for Food Stamp Intentional Program Violations and has been recognized by the N.Y. Welfare Fraud Investigators Association.

What are Food Stamp Claims?
Every incorrect issuance of Food Stamps must be evaluated as to cause and a repayment must be pursued. Payments may be the result of a recoupment against future benefits, made voluntarily, or may result from a federal offset against a tax refund.

What is a Criminal Justice Match?
Computer matches with criminal justice data bases yield information on  customers that may have outstanding warrants which render them ineligible for public benefits.  Coordination exists with all levels of law enforcement to ensure timely closing of ineligible cases.

What is a Duplicate Assistance Match Investigation?
Computer matches with participating states' databases identify potential duplicate assistance on behalf of an individual or family. The process monitors cash assistance, Food Stamp and Medical Assistance benefits.