The Rental Assistance Program (RAP) is an initiative by DSS to help homeless families and singles transition from Public Assistance and to prevent non-PA families and singles from needing assistance by subsidizing their rent. Eligible families and singles contribute no more than 35 percent of  income towards rent. They must be put on a Section 8 waiting list and are expected to transition to Section 8 housing within approximately one year.

Any working family or single with income between 125 percent and 200 percent of the Federal poverty guidelines facing imminent risk of eviction due to non-payment of rent, or homeless working families or singles who would no longer need PA if they were permanently housed, may be eligible. 

Non-PA families and singles facing eviction for non-payment should go to their nearest DSS district office and apply for Emergency Assistance. District office staff will determine if a referral to RAP is appropriate. Homeless families and singles who currently receive assistance are referred by their case manager.

If you are a landlord and interested in helping a homeless family or an individual, please contact Alejandro Joga by phone at (914) 995-7459 or by e-mail at .