The primary goal of the Welfare-to-Work program (WTW) has been to help recipients of public assistance enter the workforce and to provide employers with much needed qualified employees.  Employer involvement in WTW efforts has become increasingly important.  A critical component is to develop job opportunities for individuals in both the public and private sectors. DSS works with businesses in the county to demonstrate how hiring public assistance recipients and utilizing social services can benefit them in a positive way.  Businesses are encouraged to consider DSS as the “first source” for hiring employees.

Among the benefits to businesses and employers are:

  • Access department's employment services
  • Thoroughly screened candidates
  • Motivated workers
  • Support services to ensure high quality performance and job retention
  • Quick response to job orders

Employers interested in hiring any of our Temporary Assistance customers should contact Ed Roberts by phone at (914) 995-4099 or by e-mail at