The Department of Social Services provides an array of services to Westchester residents in need of help, including the areas of child support, food, housing, medical services and home energy costs. It also provides protective and preventive services for vulnerable children and adults.

Parents who need help to find and pay for safe, reliable child care can contact the Child Care Council of Westchester, Inc. The Council offers free information and resources and can help you apply for the financial assistance through Westchester County, called the Child Day Care Assistance, if you qualify.

NYDocSubmit Mobile App
NYDocSubmit is a mobile application that allows certain applicants and recipients in Westchester to take pictures of their documents and submit them to their local district office using their Apple iOS or Android device. There is no need for the individual to take time off from work, stand in line or travel to the district office to drop off documents.

Case Management Information Center (CMIC)
By contacting our Case Management Information Center (CMIC) at (914) 995-3333, you can do the following without having to come to your local District Office:

  • Get general information
  • Have an Application mailed to you
  • Have a Recertification mailed to you
  • Check if documents were received
  • Check the status of your case
  • Notify the Agency that you have moved or update your contact information
  • Report any changes to your case
  • Get a copy of your budget
  • Have a copy of a notice or decision on your case mailed to you
  • Request a benefit card (CBIC)

Coronavirus Response Efforts
DSS is developing and implementing safety measures, and changing the way the Department provides services to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Westchester. As a precaution, in-person contact has been eliminated whenever possible, with DSS transitioning to offer assistance by way of telework options and phone to reduce the potential exposure of Westchester County’s residents. Those in need of benefits should apply online through, additionally applications can be either mailed or faxed to DSS. Read the list of measures.

The Child Care Council of Westchester can also help you find and evaluate programs, understand what “quality” child care looks like, explore financial resources, and more. Their services for parents are free. Call (914) 761-3456 for more information.

Our child welfare units conduct investigations and family assessments, provide in-home case management, and administer foster care and adoption services. We recognize that some segments of our population, adult and children, are vulnerable and require services to assist and protect them.

In an effort to remove barriers to independence, we offer temporary assistance to customers and applicants so they may gain self-sufficiency through employment and securing support and care for children.

To apply for services or inquire about your benefits, call or visit the district office serving your area. My Benefits is a quick and easy way for people in New York State to find answers to questions about New York State's programs and services.

In the event of a specific emergency, you can call:

  • Child Abuse Hotline (800) 342-3720
  • Abandoned Infant Information (866) 505-SAFE (7233)
  • Protective Services for Adults Intake (914) 995-2259
  • Emergency Services (914) 995-2099
  • Or, you can always call 911 in any emergency