Westchester County provides financial help with day care payments to eligible families. This financial help is known as Child Day Care Subsidy. There is a mandatory parent share fee.

Parents may call (914) 995-6521 or 995-6522 to speak with the application supervisor. The office is located at 10 County Center Rd., 2nd Fl., White Plains, NY 10607. Forms are available online.

Additional Operating Hours for Child Care Subsidy Unit
Westchester County DSS Child Care Subsidy Unit (CCSU) will be implementing an extended work day schedule. Our new hours will be 8 a.m. to 6  p.m., Monday through Friday. Between the hours of 5 to 6 p.m., only a small team of Eligibility Examiners will be available.

Westchester County Daycare Payment Processing Roster Elimination Pilot Program
Day Care providers participating in the pilot program can download the Daycare Daily Attendance Record Sheet in the formats below:

PDF version of the attendance record

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of the attendance record

Eligibility for subsidy
The family's eligibility for a child day care subsidy is based on the need for care, service unit size and household gross income. The household must be programmatically eligible and financially eligible and must also use an eligible provider. Households with working parents and gross household income under the maximum allowed for the service unit size may be eligible for help with day care payments.

Refer to the eligibility standards chart below to see whether you may be financially eligible. Some households are guaranteed help with child day care payments. If your total gross household income for the service unit size is under the 200 percent of Poverty Level, your household is a low-income household and financially eligible for low-income subsidy.


NY State Income Standards: Effective 06/1/19 - 05/31/20

(Service Unit)

100 percent
200 percent
Title XX Income
1 $12,490 $24,980 $34,347.50 (275%)
2 $16,910 $33,620 $46,502.50 (275%)
3 $21,330 $42,660 $54,391.50 (255%)
4 $25,750 $51,500 $57,937.50 (225%)
5 $30,170 $60,340 $67,882.50 (225%)
6 $34,590 $69,180 $77,827.50 (225%)
7 $39,010 $78,020 $87,772.50 (225%)
8 $43,430 $86,860 $97,717.50 (225%)
For each additional family member add:
   $ 4,420 $ 8,840 $ 9,945 (225%)


Program Eligibility
The parent or caretaker relative must require child day care in order to pursue a necessary and approved plan of self support. The children for whom the subsidy is authorized must be in this country legally.

Guaranteed child day care eligibility
Child Care subsidy is guaranteed to temporary assistance recipients who need day care in order to work at a job leading to self-sufficiency or to participate in Department of Social Services mandated employment related activities. The temporary assistance recipient does not contribute to the cost of the day care.

The Child Care subsidy is guaranteed for a year to households who cease being eligible for Temporary Assistance due to employment or due to increased income. The gross household income must be under the 200 percent Poverty Level for the service unit size. Parents must be unavailable to provide care due to employment in a job leading to self-sufficiency. The parent is required to pay a mandatory parent share toward the cost of the Child Care. Parent share is determined by the gross household income and service unit size.

Service unit size
The service unit size is defined as the parent or parents and their children under eighteen residing in the household. However, certain household situations exist where an 18, 19 or 20 year old may be included in the service unit.

How much will I have to contribute toward the cost of day care?

  • Calculate your gross household income from all sources.
  • Subtract the 100 percent poverty level income for the service unit size.
  • Multiply the remainder by 0.27.
  • Divide the last amount by 52. This is the parent share that you must pay each week to the day care provider for the youngest child receiving day care subsidy.

Child day care subsidy applications
Application packets may be requested by calling (914) 995-6521 or (914) 995-6522 or by visiting any DSS District Office; or by mailing a request to:

Child Day Care Subsidies Program
Attention: New Applications
10 County Center Road, 2nd Floor
White Plains, NY 10607

Requests for applications may also be faxed to (914) 813-4309.

What if I cannot find a day care provider for my children?
The Child Care Council of Westchester, Inc. will be able to refer you to an appropriate provider. Call (914) 761-3456 for more information.

Who is an eligible provider?
Temporary assistance recipients and low-income households may choose providers from approximately 202 licensed centers, 116 school age programs, 175 family day care providers and 284 licensed group family day care providers. Temporary assistance recipients and families eligible for low-income subsidies may also select a legally exempt provider who is not licensed or registered by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). This provider's enrollment form will be evaluated by the Child Care Council of Westchester and, if the provider meets the health and safety standards set by OCFS, will be enrolled by the Child Care Council as a legally exempt day care provider.

Families eligible for Title XX subsidies are able to select only from providers who are licensed and who have a contract with the Department of Social Services or from registered school-age programs with DSS contracts (approximately 171 centers and school age programs). NY State regulations require that a Title XX provider be registered or licensed by the State AND have a contract with the county.

Provider enrollment forms
Enrollment forms may be obtained at any DSS District Office or from the Child Day Care Subsidies program as mentioned above.

How may a Child Care Provider resolve payment and other issues?
Providers may direct their questions to the Child Care Provider Liaison by using the Child Care Provider Payment Resolution Request form.  Download, print, complete and sign the form.

Mail the request form to:

Child Day Care Subsidies Program
Attention: Child Care Provider Liaison
10 County Center Road, 2nd Floor
White Plains, New York 10607

You may also fax the request form to (914) 813-4309 or e-mail to . Call the Child Care Subsidy Office at (914) 995-6521 for more information.