Community involvement, including community based and collaborative efforts, can be a core strategy in designing and implementing effective welfare reform programs. By educating the local communities and local faith-based organizations and by building an ongoing dialogue with community based organizations and other service providers, we can get them involved in welfare reform.

The community relations program endeavors to:

  • Create new partnerships and improve WCDSS's relationship with other agencies that share our customers
  • Educate the community about our customers and the work the department performs
  • Create and foster a supportive work environment within the community
  • Develop a collaborative Mentoring Program between the Mount Vernon District Office, Office of Workforce Investment and Community Relations and the UJAMAA Community Development Corporation operating under the umbrella of Grace Baptist Church, Mount Vernon. This project, with its volunteers, provides a support network on a one-to-one basis, providing positive role modeling, troubleshooting, employment assistance and job retention efforts for our customers in Mount Vernon.