Family Health Plus provides coverage to adults who do not have health insurance but have income too high for Medicaid. Parents and childless adults aged 19 through 64 are eligible if they live in New York State, have no health insurance and meet income and resource guidelines. There is no cost to apply for Family Health Plus and no deductibles once you are enrolled. Once enrolled you may be asked to co-pay part of the costs of some medical care services. Health care is provided through managed care plans. Family Health Plus will do its best to help participants continue to see their current doctor.

Services covered by Family Health Plus

  • physician services
  • inpatient and outpatient hospital care
  • prescription drugs and smoking cessation products
  • X-rays and lab tests
  • vision, speech, and hearing services
  • rehabilitative services (some limits apply)
  • durable medical equipment
  • inpatient hospital medical or surgical care
  • emergency room and emergency ambulance
  • drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment (some limits apply)
  • diabetic supplies and equipment
  • radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hemodialysis 
  • dental services (if offered by the plan)
  • family planning and reproductive health services


Enrollment facilitators and social service district offices answer questions and help you choose a health plan. Call (877) 9FH-PLUS (934-7587) or call the Westchester County Department of Health at (914) 813-5048 or visit Family Health Plus online.