Pay up or your face will be here next.

It’s every parent’s responsibility to take care of their children and parents should take this responsibility very seriously.

If you are a dead beat parent, we want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to track you down and make sure you meet your obligations.

The Office of Child Support Services uses a number of measures to get money including suspending drivers’ licenses and passports, garnishing wages, tax refunds and lottery winnings. Westchester criminally prosecutes parents who habitually fail to pay child support. If you fail to pay your child support, you may end up in jail.

Remember, if you’re a deadbeat parent, contact us to work out a payment arrangement, because if you don’t, we will track you down and you could face steep penalties or even jail time.

Do you know where the deadbeat parents pictured below are? Their children don’t. These parents owe thousands in child support payments - money that should have gone to feed and clothe their children. Know where to find any of these parents? Call (914) 813-6456 or e-mail

Image of J Picarelli Image of M Gnorak Image of O Martinez
Joseph Picarelli
Last Known Address:
PO Box 623
Dobbs Ferry, NY
DOB: 03/17/60
Number of children: 1
Never Made Payment
Court Order Date: 11/26/04
Owes: $57,165.38
Mirek Gnorak
Last Known Address:
PO Box 72
Shrub Oak, NY 10588
DOB: 5/26/72
Owes: $18,217.86
Omar Martinez
Last Known Address:
90 Waring Place
Yonkers, NY 10703
DOB: 1/2/75
Owes: $38,974.04
 Image of R Linhares Image of T Lozado   Image of C Loaiza
Rosie Linhares
Last Known Address:
DOB: 03/13/1960
Number of children: 2
Last Support Payment:
Owes:  $107,251.18
Thomas Lozado
Last Known Address:
500 W 135th St Apt 3C
New York, NY
DOB: 09/07/72
Number of children: 1
Never Made Payment
Court Order Date: 06/09/03
Owes: $17,023.46
Carlos Loiza
Last Known Address:
3 Oakwood Drive, Apt
33, Peekskill, NY
DOB: 5/12/67 
Number of children: 2
Never Made Payment
Court Order Date: 5/6/05

Owes: $47,458.55
 Image of K Moran  no photo available  no photo available
Kerry Moran
Last Known Address:
1853 Central Park Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10701
Owes: $91,273.90
Elvin Avila
Last Known Address:
159 S Lexington Avenue
White Plains, NY 10601
Owes: $12,807.81
 Carl Jones
Last Known Address:
132 Franklin Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Image of T Mannino Image of M Murray Image of R McMillan
Thomas Mannino
Last Known Address:
192 First Street
Buchanan, NY 10511
DOB: 03/13/65
Last Payment: 09/23/03
Owes: $69,273.50
Michael Murray
Last Known Address:
9301 Pond Crest Lane
Sanford, FL 32773
DOB: 03/17/60
Last Payment: 11/04/04
Owes: $20,828.84
Ronald McMillan
Last Known Address:
111 W 3rd St,
Mt Vernon, NY
DOB: 9/14/65
Number of children: 1
Last Support Payment:
Owes: $27,172.76
 no photo available    
  Ricardo Serrano
Last Known Address:
111 Waverly St
Yonkers, NY
DOB: 6/14/63
Number of Children: 1
Last Payment: 7/27/01
Owes: $44,056.14