While we will do our best to help you, there are some things we are not authorized to do, such as:

  • We are unable to give you legal advice.
  • We do not represent either parent.
  • Once a support order is established payable through the SCU, you may not pick and choose enforcement techniques. All applicable means of enforcement will be taken on your case. If you do not want all of our enforcement activities, you may ask for your support order to be made payable directly to you.
  • We are unable to address custody, visitation or property settlement issues.
  • We are unable to enforce a child support order without a specific start date, dollar amount and children identified.
  • We are unable to collect or enforce a spousal support (alimony) order unless it is combined with a child support case and a child support order has been established for the non-custodial parent.
  • We are unable to guarantee results. We will take all available actions appropriate for your case to collect support.
  • We have no authority over the court's rulings. It is the judge's decision whether or not to put a non-custodial parent in jail.